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How can I update my password?

If you want to update your password and know your current password you can update it within the borrower portal. 

Steps to update password:

  1. Navigate to the borrower portal log-in page 
  2. log-in to your borrower portal account
  3. Click on the person icon in the upper right hand corner and click my profile. 
  4. Locate personal details section 
  5. Click reset password. 
  6. Once you click reset password you will be informed if you want to continue the process you will be logged out. 
  7. If you select Yes you will be redirected to a reset password page 
  8. An email is sent with a password reset code 
  9. Enter the reset code found in the email   
  10. Create a new password
  11. log-in using your new password

If you don’t remember your current password please refer here.


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